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Poster’s Note: Appeal and message from Tom:

Please help raise some money to put even a little something positive towards the damage caused and to help aid the recovery of those who are suffering as a result of the brutal and cowardly bombing which took place last night at Manchester Arena. If you can. Terrorism is abhorrent. My thoughts, heartfelt concern, condolences and deepest sympathy are with those innocent families and people who were directly and indirectly affected by last nights cruel, brutal and meaningless attack. Thankyou **Link to donate is below Please share this appeal ,retweet it,reblog,regram ..thank you Tom Hardy #helpformanchester


Taboo final episode skirmish prep with Minions

We shot that battle scene from the arrival of Pilgrims and gunpowder to the exfil on ship in 3 days ~ Anders Engstrom's first week on set ~ we still hadn't decided who we would shoot and who would survive. At the time. **poster's note : In military tactics,extraction(also exfiltration or exfil ) is the process of removing personnel when it is considered imperative that they be immediately relocated out of a hostile environment and taken to a secure area.





And Super Bowl LI

And Thankyou FX for a great day at The Super Bowl and both teams patriots win was outstanding Amazing experience ~ Woodys team Didn't win but it was an incredible comeback and and honor to witness. Pure incredible b grateful for the opportunity to witness an incredible experience that was Super Bowl LI Plus Lady Gaga was unfknreal Thankyou.