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Thank You

Thankyou so much for all of your generous contributions and messages of support for the residents of Grenfell. We need to support and request for an INQUEST. The public will not be allowed to ask questions in a public enquiry and the government will not be under the same scrutiny. it's one or the other you can't have both. An INQUEST is different to a PUBLIC ENQUIRY. The families have a right to have answers to their questions. The coroner is very different to a government lead public enquiry. Government controlled, government outcome'



Thankyou everybody so much for supporting the Manchester Emergency Fund @ justgiving and this extremely important cause. I am overwhelmed by people's world wide support their love their messages of support and their generosity in the wake of this tragedy ~ every little counts absolutely as it's so vital and important that the people of Manchester and those specifically affected by this atrocity feel the love and support of their local and worldwide community. Even to know that we are there for them and that we want to to support their recovery as best we can. Thankyou and please continue to donate I am so grateful for your efforts. Support comes in many forms and each is valid. Thankyou. And my heart felt condolences thoughts and deepest sympathy remain with the families and those who are suffering and continue to suffer at this time. Thankyou for your help your generous donations and please continue to help. Best you can. Thankyou. Bestest regards Tom and Woody


Poster’s Note: Appeal and message from Tom:

Please help raise some money to put even a little something positive towards the damage caused and to help aid the recovery of those who are suffering as a result of the brutal and cowardly bombing which took place last night at Manchester Arena. If you can. Terrorism is abhorrent. My thoughts, heartfelt concern, condolences and deepest sympathy are with those innocent families and people who were directly and indirectly affected by last nights cruel, brutal and meaningless attack. Thankyou **Link to donate is below Please share this appeal ,retweet it,reblog,regram ..thank you Tom Hardy #helpformanchester