News – July 1st 2017

“Massive shout out to Tim( Two Wheels Nuneaton Motorcycle Training) who instructed me to pass all my bike tests in record time,Legend instructor.Go see him.Nuneaton he’s a legend”

“Scott Osman who took me for my tests Mod one and two.Made me feel mega secure.Really appreciate it.I hate exams.Mitcham.Legend

“All the team at DVSA ,Mitcham Scott Osman, Jon Beale ,Neil Judge. Chris Spinks at Metropolis Vauxhall Vikki Bikeshed Legends”








News – June 18th 2017


Poster’note: Here’s a random pic of a cool helmet..beside a motorbike 😉
Happy Father’s Day to Tom and all the members who are dad’s, future dads, fur dads,mom’s who take on the role and every one who steps up as a positive role model for kids…coaches, teachers, grandfathers, uncle’s etc.
For all of you for whom this day is hard for what ever reason: sending you all love and hugs.
As we celebrate this day, please take a moment to consider those who have been affected by the Grenfell Tower Fire. Please share Tom’s Just giving page and consider donating what you can.
#tomhardy #fathersday #justgiving #grenfelltower #pleasehelp

Thank You

Thankyou so much for all of your generous contributions and messages of support for the residents of Grenfell. We need to support and request for an INQUEST. The public will not be allowed to ask questions in a public enquiry and the government will not be under the same scrutiny. it's one or the other you can't have both. An INQUEST is different to a PUBLIC ENQUIRY. The families have a right to have answers to their questions. The coroner is very different to a government lead public enquiry. Government controlled, government outcome'